Quick Fix: Chrome Slow On Windows 10 [8 Methods]

Google chrome is the most used browser among Windows 10 users. Although it is an excellent browser with an appreciable user interface, many users face slow opening error of Chrome browser on their computers.

The main problem behind this slow opening is Chrome’s massive ram consumption. After using a few extensions, it becomes one of the Sluggish browsers. You can experience lazy load up due to 90-100% CPU usages. Many users thought it might be a Windows OS problem, but we experienced the same error on Linux and Mac too. So, the problem lies with Chrome itself. It became unbearable when Google chrome takes more than 5 minutes to load up fully. Don’t worry, we have a solution for this malfunction. Read this full article for 8 easy fixes, which can accelerate your google chrome loading speed.

Causes of Google Chrome Running Slow on Windows 10?

We found possible reasons behind this slow load up is :

3rd party extension: Some third-party extensions consume some extra ram beside the chrome browser, Which leads to slow opening problem.

Limited Ram: Windows 10 user with 4 Gb or less ram face Slow startup at least for once. So, we assume it can be one of the main reasons behind this issue.

Chrome Default Folder: A folder named “Default” automatically created in the chrome installation folder may cause slow startup.

Hardware Acceleration: Although Hardware acceleration boosts computer performance but sometimes it clashes with some apps. Some Google Chrome users claim that turning off hardware acceleration solved their problem.

Tips : [ Before moving towards our solution :

  1. Turn off all your VPN/proxy setting
  2. Restart your Computer ]

How to fix chrome Slow loading and lagging issue on windows 10?

Follow the below solutions to get back your usual speed on windows 10 : 

  1. Disable unnecessary Extension
  2. Disable Chrome hardware Acceleration
  3. Rename Default folder
  4. Clear Cache and cookies
  5. Use chrome default Cleanup Tool
  6. Reset device Network adapter
  7. Reinstall chrome browser
  8. Reset Google Chrome browser settings

Fix 1: Disable unnecessary Extension

If you rank reasons behind chrome slow startup, then Extensions may rank first among them. So, your first task should disable some unnecessary extension to free up some ram. Follow below instruction to disable them :

Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser

Step 2: Open the settings menu by clicking 3 dots on the upper-right corner.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, Go to “more tools“> Click Extensions 

Step 4: Here, you can see all installed extensions on your Google Chrome browser.

Step 5: Now turn off all unnecessary extensions you have. Toggle switch turns grey when Extension turned off and turned blue when enabled. Also, You can Remove extensions instead of disabling them.

Step 6: Click Remove to delete any extension.

Now exit and again open it and see load up time decrease or not. This method should reduce startup time up to 80% if you remove half of your powerful extensions. Try method 2 if the error still exists.

Fix 2: Disable Chrome hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration on Chrome enabled by default. It increases browser performance by enhancing some processes, But as mentioned before, it can clash with some app processes and create issues like slowing down the application process. Follow below instruction to turn off chrome hardware acceleration feature :

Step 1: Type chrome://settings on the chrome URL bar and press enter

Step 2: Scroll down Click “Advanced

Step 3: Under the “System” tab, you can see an option “Use hardware acceleration when available“. Switch the toggle to turn it off. The toggle will turn grey when it is disabled. And a button will show up “Relaunch“.

Step 4: Click the button relaunch, it will restart the browser with disabling hardware acceleration feature.

Now check the loading time. If you are lucky, then your problem should be fixed by now. If Not then go ahead, try Fix 3

Fix 3: Rename Default folder

Google Chrome may stop working if the default folder data gets corrupted. Chrome stores your profile data in this folder. You can quickly fix this by renaming the folder.

Step 1: Open Windows Explorer

Step 2: Paste “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\” this text exactly on file explorer address bar. ( without “”)

Step 3: Search for the folder named “Default” 

Step 4: Rename this to “Backup Default” 

Step 5: Now launch Chrome and watch your browser loading speed.

 If the problem does not fix then try the next method

Fix 4: Clear browser Cache and cookies

If you use google chrome browser for a long time, then there should be a massive amount of cache, cookies, and history stored on your browser. It will affect your loading time, so better clean them to speed up your load time.

Step 1: Open the chrome setting menu by clicking 3 vertical dots on the upper-right corner.

Step 2: Click settings from the drop-down menu

Step 3: Go to Privacy and Security from the left side menu

Step 4: Click Clear Browsing Data

Step 5: Click on advance tab

Step 6: Change time range to All time

Step 7: Select all categories ( browsing history, Download history, etc. )

Step 8: Click Clear data, it may take some time.

Step 9: After cleaning up, exit your browser and launch again.

Now you can see the startup and perforation speed accelerate with this fix.

Fix 5: Use chrome default Cleanup Tool

Google Chrome has a feature called “Clean up computer“, Which detects malware and other harmful activities and cleans them. You can try this feature :

Step 1: Go to chrome menu > Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on Advance from the left side menu, it will open up some other setting

Step 3: Click Reset and Clean Up from these setting

Step 4: Select Clean up computer

Step 5: Click on Find

Step 6: A process will begin with “Checking for harmful software…

Step 7: If any harmful software or activity found, then a popup will appear. > Click Remove From the popup

Now close the browser and open again to see Check if the issue still occurs or not.

Fix 6: Reset device Network adapter

Resetting the computer network adapter will solve any network issue.

Step 1: Press Windows + R, it will open a Run dialog box > type cmd to open Command Prompt

Step 2: Type ipconfig /flush on Command Prompt > press Enter

Step 3: type netsh winsock reset > press enter

Step 4: Close Command Prompt window

Step 5: Restart your computer and launch your google chrome browser

Fix 7: Reinstall Google Chrome browser

If your browser isn’t the latest updated version, then some error can be caused by it. So, we can quickly fix this by updating or reinstalling your chrome browser.

Step 1: Press Windows + R > type appwiz.cpl on run dialog box > Click OK

Step 2: A installed program list will be open > search for google chrome

Step 3: Uninstall it from your computer device

Step 4: Restart your computer after the uninstallation process.

Step 5: now Download the latest version of Google Chrome browser from official website https://www.google.com/chrome/

Step 6: Open and set up your browser then enjoy normal loading speed

Fix 8: Reset Google chrome browser settings

Step 1: Go to Chrome menu > Go to Settings

Step 2: Scroll down and click “Advance

Step 3: Scroll down to “Reset and Cleanup

Step 4: Click “Restore settings to their original defaults” > it will reset chrome settings to default.

Final thoughts about speeding up Google Chrome

Google chrome is a top choice among windows 10 users because of its cool feature and easy user interface. But Like other software, Chrome may have some errors. Slow processing is one of them. You can still fix this issue with our 8 methods. If you have any other solution, then share it with us.

FAQ: Common questions about Google chrome

How do I fix slow browsers on Windows 10?

Answer: Follow our 8 easy solutions to speed up your browser on Windows 10

Do bookmarks slow down Chrome?

Answer: No, bookmarks take very little space, so it didn’t slow down your chrome browser. If you still have confusion, then clean them from the chrome setting.

Do extensions slow down Chrome?

Answer: yes, most of the time, heavy extensions slow down the entire chrome browser. So, better remove unnecessary extensions from Google Chrome.

Does having lots of tabs open slow down Chrome?

Answer: yes, Sometimes we need to open lots of tabs that can put pressure on CPU usages. High CPU usages slow down chrome browser.

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