How To Fix MSI Gaming App Not Opening on Windows 10

MSI app problem on windows 10: When you install the MSI gaming app on your Windows 10, it may work fine, and then after shutting down your pc, the app may not open like before and only available on the task manager list. Maybe you are using an MSI app for changing or controlling led fx, setting OC mode quickly.

You can temporarily fix this problem by reinstalling the MSI app, but when you restart your computer, the error will appear again. So, reinstalling is not a fixed solution to this problem.

But Don’t worry, we tried several solutions ourselves and chose only working methods for you.

So, please try all our given solutions step by step, and we hope your MSI gaming app opening problem will be solved forever.

What Causes the MSI Gaming App error on Windows 10?

We identify a list of probable causes. Go through this before making any change to understand what’s causing MSI app error on your Pc.

  1. MSI Gaming app error occurs for many users who use the MSI app in Windows 10. MSI Officials already identified this error and released a new app update. But there is a bug in your recent app which prevents the auto-update feature of the latest version. SO, you have uninstalled the current MSI tool version and reinstalled the Appropriate version for your Setup manually.
  2. Updating a new operating system cause errors for the MSI tool. For example, you had Windows 8, and you update your operating system to windows 10. This change may cause an error for the MSI gaming tool.
  3. MSI gaming tool needs some permission to run smoothly. Your setting may prevent this app’s permission.
  4. MSI app needs some driver change sometimes. Your driver may not update according to the MSI tool need.

Solutions to MSI Gaming App error on Windows 10

  1. Install the Latest Version of MSI gaming app ( Recommended )
  2. Run the “MSI gaming app” as an Administrator
  3. Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package
  4. Reinstall the Required Driver

We arrange these solutions according to priority, so make sure you follow method 1 and then 2, then others.

Method 1:  Install the Latest Version of MSI gaming app ( Recommended )

We surveyed 100+ users and found Most of the time, users face errors when they update their windows version or get an update for the current windows version. The error caused because of a compatibility issue. Don’t worry, We find the perfect solution for this kind of error. Just uninstall your current version of the MSI gaming app and reinstall the latest version from MSI official website.

Follow steps to Prevent error :

Step 1: search “Add or remove programs” on your windows search bar

Step 2: Click on “Add or remove programs

Step 3: Search the “MSI Gaming Center” on the search bar or find it manually.

Step 4: Uninstall the program

Step 5: Click Finish when uninstalling completely.

Step 6: Restart your Computer

Step 7: Go to this  link

Step 8: Navigate under the Select Your Product screen > Search for your laptop or Desktop computer.

Step 9: Enter all relevant setup information until you reach the device support page.

Step 10: Click the Download button on the left menu to go to the utility. Scroll down until you reach the entry for the MSI Gaming App.

Step 11: Click the red download icon next to its name to start the download process > Locate the file in the Downloads folder > right-click and select Extract > Run the installer > follow the onscreen instructions. 

Your job is done here. Now check if the error fixed or not. If your error fixed with this method, then congratulations. But if you still face the same error, then follow the next methods carefully.

Method 2: Run the “MSI gaming app” as an Administrator

MSI Gaming app may need some special permission to run the program. But when you try to run in general mode, your Pc may prevent the MSI app from having special permissions. While surveying users, most of their errors are solved when the app runs as an administrator.

We know we can’t run any app as an administrator. It’s risky for computers. But MSI is the world’s most renowned Company, and its official apps must be any kind of virus-free. So, it’s fine to run the MSI gaming app with administrator permission.

Follow the below steps to prevent any error :

Step 1: Right Click on MSI gaming app > Click on Properties

Step 2: Click on Compatibility tab > Check the box “Run this program as an administrator”

Step 3: Click Apply > and then OK to make sure you Setup the setting appropriately.

Step 4: Now, you may have some popup window for permission > give all permission they need.

Step 5: Now launch MSI app to check if your problem got solved or not

Follow Method 3 if you still have the same error.

Method 3: Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Sometimes for various reasons, we have corrupted Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. You can’t run the MSI app until you fix Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. So, you need to update Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable manually.

*** Before following this method, make sure you uninstall your “MSI gaming app.” Cause if you have this app installed, then Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable may not perform.

Step 1: uninstall your “MSI gaming app” ( Follow method 1 for the uninstalling process )

Step 2: Search “Control panel” on your windows search bar

Step 3: Click on Uninstall a Program

Step 4: Search for “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Step 5: You may find several versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installed on your computer.

Step 6: Note each of them and start uninstalling them after taking note

Step 7: You may need to confirm some dialog boxes, Confirm each of them

Step 8: make sure you uninstall all Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Step 9: Now Reinstall them from this link

Step 10: Make sure you download every Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable you noted earlier. ( choose 32bit or 64 bit according to your processor version )

Step 11: Go to the folder you downloaded the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package

Step 12: Install All  Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable properly

Step 13: follow Method 1 To reinstall your MSI gaming app

After finishing installing, check if your MSI app error fixed or not. We hope your problem solved in this step. But if your problem is still not fixed till now, you need to follow our last method.

Method 4: Reinstall the Required Driver

This method is 100% working for those users facing “Please install or update …… driver” Message while trying to launch the MSI app. We just need to update the required drivers to solve this error.

Step 1: Search Device Manager on your windows search bar and click the device manager to open the device list. 


  • Click window + R button at the same time to open a Run dialog box (you can also open the Run dialog box by searching Run on your windows search bar and click Run)
  • Type “devmgmt.msc” in the Run dialog box > Click OK
  • your device manager will open

Step 2: On the device list, click on that driver or device you think may cause an error for MSI app. ( make sure you won’t end up uninstalling the wrong device )

Step 3: locate the device

Step 4: Right-click > Click Uninstall device

Step 5: you may need to confirm the uninstall process

Step 6: Check the box next to “Delete the driver software for this device” option > Click OK

Step 7: Restart your computer. ( with restart your computer will automatically try to reinstall the driver and replacing it with the manufacturer’s driver )

Step 8: If your windows do not update the driver automatically, then open device manager > select Action > Click Scan for hardware changes > ( For newest Windows 10 versions, it will be the left-most blue button under the Menu bar. )

It will auto-download all required drivers. Now check the MSI gaming app to see if the error fixed or not.

Hopefully, there will be no error if you follow each method correctly.

You can Download MSI afterburner if you just want to change OC, have a gaming overlay with fps counters, GPU temperature, etc. 

MSI gaming app is handy for Extra performance for games or silent cards during low use. So, the MSI gaming tool is essential for every hardcore gamer. Nowadays, the MSI gaming app error on windows 10 is a common issue. But anyone can fix this error by following our given methods. Enjoy gaming with your MSI gaming app and stay with us.

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