How to fix twitch black screen error?

If you want to stream your game, go live with your audience then Twitch tv is an amazing platform. But after release in 2011, users face some errors while using the platform. Twitch Black screen error is one of them. When this error occurs, your whole streaming window stays black, but you can hear audio, chat with the audience, visit all user profiles but can’t see or change anything on the video streaming window. Most of the time, Android app users and google chrome users face this problem.

No need to worry If you experience this error cause this is one of the common errors twitch streamer faces. Today we will give you a perfect solution for this error. We tried 50+ method to solve this problem and found that different users need to use a different method to fix this black screen error.

What causes a Black Screen in Twitch?

There are several reasons behind the twitch black screen error. Here is some common reason :

  1. DNS Error: Twitch app needs some particular DNS setting to run the stream, maybe your computer DNS settings changed due to some update. Using Google DNS can solve this problem.
  2. IP Error: Ip protocol causes a network issue. IP error can cause freeze video during streaming. Resetting IP can fix the black screen issue.
  3. Browser Issue: Sometimes our browser stores some distorted or bad cache and cookies. Deleting those cache and cookies is the easiest solution for twitch screen error.
  4. Server error: Twitch server may go down because of technical error from twitch server side. For this reason, you have to wait till twitch officials fix the problem.
  5. Hardware acceleration: sometimes Hardware acceleration clashes with some application and service although it’s used for performance improvement.

How To Fix Twitch Black Screen with sound error?

We tried several solutions to fix the Twitch Black Screen issue, but most of them did not work for users. So, we find the best methods for you :

  1. Set Google DNS
  2. Fix Hardware Acceleration error
  3. Configure Network
  4. Reset Ip address
  5. Fix router and browser issue

Solution 1: Set Google DNS

Generally, default DNS address provided by The ISP ( Internet service provider ). But sometimes this default address creates twitch screen black issue. You can use google DNS settings instead of default settings to solve the black screen issue.

Step 1: Press Windows + R ( this will open Run dialog box )

Step 2: type “control panel” in the Run dialog box > click OK

Step 3: From control panel click “Network and Internet”.

Step 4: Click “Network and Sharing Center

Step 5: Check your present network by checking “connection” ( watch Screenshot below )

Step 6: Click on “Properties

Step 7: double click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)“, here you can change your DNS setting

Step 8: Click on “Use the following DNS server addresses:” and change your DNS setting to :

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Step 9: Click OK

Now restart your computer and see if the method works for you.

( Here is the official guide for setting google dns : )

Solution 2: Fix Hardware Acceleration error

Hardware acceleration used for improving application error, but sometimes it creates a clash with the application and creates an error. So, we need to turn it off to check if it causes twitch black screen error or not. For Google chrome twitch black screen issue turning off Hardware Acceleration is an easy solution.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome > open menu ( click on three vertical dots ) > Click “Settings

Step 2: Click “Advanced“> Find subheading “System“.

Step 3: Uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available“.

Step 4: Now restart the browser and see if it fix the problem

Solution 3: Configure Network 

Due to improper network configurations, twitch server can’t connect properly and caused a stream crash. Follow below steps to reset network configurations.

Step 1: Search “Network reset” in your windows search bar

Step 2: Click “Network reset“. 

Step 3: Click “Reset now“.

Step 4: Select Yes

Step 5: You will get a warning popup for an auto-reboot ( save all your work and close all application cause after 2 minute Pc will automatically restart )

( ***Now if your internet connection not active automatically then just click on network icon > choose your connection > click Connect )

Now check if the Twitch black screen issue still occurs.

Solution 4: Reset Ip address

Step 1: Press Windows key + R

Step 2: Type “cmd” in the Run dialog box > press OK

Step 3: type “ipconfig /release” and press OK

Step 4: When the prompt returns, type “ipconfig /renew”> press Enter

Step 5: type “exit“> press Enter

Check if the Twitch black screen issue still occurs or not. 

Solution 5: Fix router and browser issue

If you check all above solutions and twitch app black screen error not fixed then your router and browser may have some firewall or javascript issue. Don’t worry, follow below steps and fix it :

Before resetting Router and browser first check which one creates the error :

  1. Check on another browser ( if the black screen is still there check router )
  2. Check on other devices on the same network ( if not fixed then reset both router and browser )

If you follow the above methods, then your Twitch black screen issue should be fixed by now.

Fix twitch black screen error on Google Chrome

And if you are using Google chrome browser then try below methods :

  1. Clear browser cache and cookies
  2. Clear browsing data
  3. Use incognito mode in Google Chrome
  4. Disable all Browser extensions and plugins 
  5. Allow Flash player and Javascript for all application
  6. Update your current browser
  7. Reset Chrome browser settings to default
  8. Enable TLS
    1. Step 1: Open Chrome
    2. Step 2: Open menu by clicking three vertical dots
    3. Step 3: Open Settings > Click Advanced Settings
    4. Step 4: Click System > Click Open proxy settings
    5. Step 5: Click Advanced tab > check all TLS options > press OK
  9. Disable VPN or Proxy server
  10. Use
  11. Use twitch alternative Multitwitch

Hopefully, we can fix your twitch black screen error with sound for twitch desktop app, Android, Chrome browser. Enjoy your Twitch streaming with your favourite gamers and audience. Stay with us.

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