How To Fix VLC Is Unable To Open The MRL Error?

“Your input can’t be opened, VLC is unable to open the MRL” an error shows up on VLC media player while trying to open a youtube video or stream a movie. This malfunction occurs whenever you try to open any media file not stored on your computer. Usually, it’s a stubborn error, but if you know ways, it’s easily fixable. Do you know the fun fact about this VLC player unable to open youtube video problem? If you use an operating system other than windows, then the error will vanish away. But still, it’s fixable on the windows operating system.

Causes of VLC is unable to open the MRL YouTube links

Remote file location: VLC player face problem while opening files stored in the cloud or remote location. 

Windows Firewall blockage: Windows firewall block anything seems to clash with its security system. Sometimes useful applications blocked due to firewall security systems.

Media hosting Block: Google discourages using 3rd party applications to open youtube videos. Cause google can’t track everything if you use 3rd party applications like VLC player for playing youtube videos. You will notice youtube video downloader applications don’t work after somedays. Google blocks them to encourage you to use their default youtube application. So, the complication lies with the content host rather than the software.

How to fix Your input can’t be opened, VLC is unable to open the MRL error?

As mentioned before, if you use any operating system other than windows, then the probability of encountering the error decrease in a large number. But for using a software, changing the whole operating system is not a reasonable fix. We find some working solution for you. These methods worked 100% on our test :

  1. Make sure source file is streamable
  2. Change in Windows firewall settings
  3. Install the latest version of VLC media player
  4. Change file permission settings

Fix 1: Make sure source file is streamable

You have to make sure your source file or streaming URL is working or not broken. Maybe the source file is not accessible due to the host access permission block. In that case, first you have to check your file is 100% accessible. To check it follow below instructions: 

Step 1: Open VLC player Media menu > Click on Open Network Stream

Step 2: A “Open Media” Dialog box will pop up on your screen > Click on Network tab

Step 3: Copy the URL you trying to play with VLC player

Step 4: Enter the URL on any other browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera mini, etc.

If the Url doesn’t work on other browsers or media players, then your source file has some issues. You can’t open that file on any other 3rd party application. In that case, You have to use default software like Youtube application to play the file.

Fix 2: Change in Windows firewall settings for VLC player

On our survey about VLC player and youtube video stream problem, found out most of the users facing the error use 3rd party antivirus tools for their system security. Some of These security tools give overprotection, which clashes with useful applications like VLC Player. So allowing VLC on 3rd party antivirus tool or Windows firewall can solve your problem within a minute. Among all 3rd party antivirus applications, AVG security users confront this malfunctions most. So, today we will show you how to allow VLC media player on AVG antivirus tool.

Step 1: Open AVG Antivirus > Go to Firewall

Step 2: Go to Tools / Firewall Settings > select applications button from the left panel

Step 3: Move to the right bar > Change action for VLC media player > Select Allow for all

If you are using a different antivirus tool, then the setting will be different. You better turn off the antivirus tool for a few minutes and restart your computer to see if it fixes the error.

If You use Windows firewall for your computer default security system, then consider turning it off for sometimes. You can check if it causes the error in the meantime. If your problem solved by turning the firewall off, then you have to allow VLC media player on windows firewall. For turning off your windows firewall follow below instructions :

Step 1: Press Windows Key + I, it will open the settings window

Step 2: search “Windows Defender Firewall” on the settings search box, click on Windows Defender Firewall

Step 3: Click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off from the left panel

Step 4: Check the boxes for disabling your windows firewall.

Now restart the computer and check if VLC is unable to open MRL file issue solved or not.

Fix 3: Install the latest version of VLC media player

Software companies always provide the latest update by fixing bugs, and vlc player youtube video stream error can be caused by any internal bugs. It will be wise to update the application in the latest edition or version to eliminate internal bugs. Follow below instructions to uninstall and reinstall the newest version of VLC player :

Step 1: Press Windows key + R, a RUN dialog box will open up > type appwiz.cpl in the dialog box and press enter, it will open Programs and Features window ( here you can find all installed program list )

Step 2: From the application, list find out VLC media player > Right-click on VLC media player and choose Uninstall/change

Step 3: Follow instruction shows on the popup

Step 4: After completing the uninstallation process restart your device

Step 5: Go to VLC media player official website –

For the latest version. > install it and check if VLC player can play youtube videos or not

Fix 4: Change file permission settings

We can change file permission settings to claim file ownership. So, it can pass security obstacles. It’s a simple process, follow the below steps :

Step 1: Go to the file facing an error during the play through VLC player

Step 2: Right-click on it and choose Properties from the menu, and it will open a new popup window

Step 3: Go to Security tab > Click the Advance button, A new window will open up

Step 4: Click Change from the top, A box will appear named Enter the object name to select where you can type

Step 5: Type Administrator in the box > Click OK

Step 6: Check the box Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object > Click Apply

If you perform our instruction accurately, then your problem should be fixed before method 4. You can check other files and youtube videos to play through VLC player. We Hope your issue gone by now.

Final thoughts about VLC Unable To Open MRL File

VLC is a famous media player among Windows users, Although sometimes users have to face some unexpected errors. But if you know the reason behind the malfunction, then you can quickly fix it by yourself. You will find so many solutions on the internet to fix this vlc media player error, but we will suggest you to try our 4 proven methods first. VLC is a perfect media player but shows error for external file loading. Not to worry, the solution is in your hand.

FAQ about VLC media player MRL file Not Opening error

How do you fix VLC player cannot open MRL?

Answer: Simply follow our 4 proven methods :

  1. Check source file
  2. Change in Windows firewall settings
  3. Install the latest version of VLC media player
  4. Change file permission settings

You can find the proper details in the above section.

Why does VLC player MRL file not opening error occur?

Answer: It causes because of device 3rd party over security and faulty source file. You can quickly fix them with our step by step guideline.

Does VLC MRL file Error occur particularly on any Windows OS?

Answer: No, MRL file error can occur on any windows version. Although it’s not proven, but VLC player MRL file opening error is rare in other operating systems like: Linux, ubuntu, etc.

Can VLC player harm my computer security system?

Answer: No, VLC media player is a trusted and tested application. It does not harm to the computer or its security system.

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