How to remove FileRepMalware? FileRepMalware Virus removal guide

What is FileRepMalware?

FileRepMalware is a malicious file generated by 3rd party Windows activation tool KMSpico. Generally, it’s used for showing display and pop-up ads to users. In some cases, it’s completely harmless. But sometimes FileRep attacks computers with Adware, Trojan, and other PUPs. But it can be a backdoor for other deadly viruses like Ransomware.

Previously this malware was known as Win32:Evo-gen [Susp]. Here Win32 means this malware activity is limited to the Windows 32 version, and Evo-gen means a generic classification of viruses. If you have a macOS or other operating system, you shouldn’t worry about it.

It is considered as PUP ( Potentially Unwanted Programs ) because it can install multiple unwanted programs in your computer system without your consent.

How computer affected by FileRepMalware?

FileRepMalware can be installed into your computer Without using KMSPICO. These ways are:

  1. Clicked the malware installed pop-up ad
  2. Crack software bundle installation
  3. Opening Email attachment contains malware 
  4. Infected torrent file download and extract into pc
  5. Malware contained file share via External media, e.g., Pendrive

How to Remove FileRepMalware?

If your computer already infected with FileRepMalware, then you can remove it by following our instruction guide:

  1. Restart PC in Safe Mode
  2. Manually Uninstall Suspicious Applications
  3. Delete Your Temporary Files
  4. Reset browser settings
  5. Install and scan through antimalware

Fix 1: Restart PC in Safe Mode

Windows safe mode is handy to find unwanted programs. In safe mode, only necessary system programs and drivers can load by default because the Windows system kills each program trying to run automatically. So, it’s better to start the malware removing process by booting pc in safe mode.

How To Boot Windows 10 Into Safe Mode?

Step 1: Go to the start menu, click on the Restart button, holding the shift key. Hold the shift key until a menu comes up. 

Step 2: Click on Troubleshoot from the menu. > Then Click on Advanced options > Startup settings from new menus.

Step 3: Click on restart.

Step 4: A new list will come up with boot options.

Step 5: Click the F4 key on your keyboard to enable simple safe mode.

[ In next boot, your pc will turn into the normal state again ]

Fix 2: Manually Uninstall Suspicious Applications

Our next method is to uninstall all unwanted and suspicious programs manually. To do that: 

Step 1: Open task manager 

( Search task manager on the Windows search bar and select first result Or Right-click on the taskbar and select task manager )

Step 2: From the task list, select the suspicious applications process, right-click on them and open file location.

Step 3: Delete the Root folder and file from there.

Step 4: Open Control Panel

( Search control panel on the windows search bar and choose the first result )

Step 5: Click on Uninstall a program, A installed program list pop-up in the window.

Step 6: select and uninstall every suspicious application one by one.

Fix 3: Delete Your Temporary Files

Temporary files and folders hold up considerable space and may contain malware too. Removing temp files also speeds up your computer. So, you should remove all temp files from time to time.

Step 1: Press the Win+R key to the open Run command panel

Step 2: Type %temp% and click enter

Step 3: click ctrl+A and select all files and folder > Delete them

( You can delete all of them without any hesitation cause they are unnecessary for your computer system )

Step 4: Go to your Recycle bin and select Empty Recycle Bin

Fix 4: Reset browser settings

Your browser may show unwanted ads and pop-ups because of filerepmalware. Once affected, you should reset your whole browser settings to remove malware-infected extensions, and other settings change.

Step 1: Open Chrome browser > open setting by clicking 3 dots at the top upper right.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on Advanced

Step 3: Click on Restore settings to their original defaults under Reset and cleanup

Step 4: Select Reset settings from the next pop up window

Now restart your browser

For Mozilla firefox:

Step 1: Open setting menu > click Help

Step 2: Click Troubleshooting Information from the menu

Step 3: Click on Refresh Firefox ( marked in the image )

Step 4: Now again click on Refresh Firefox from the new window

Step 5: Click Finish

( Now Firefox will automatically close and revert settings into default )

Fix 5: Install and scan through antimalware

Manual malware removal process is time-consuming, and you may miss one or more malware unconsciously. So, it is recommended to use software for the procedure. There are several free and paid antimalware software that can remove filerepmalware.

You can use antimalware software like Malwarebytes, Norton 360, Bitdefender Antivirus, McAfee Total Protection, ESET NOD32 Antivirus, Kaspersky.

You have to just install and scan through them to detect and remove all malware from your pc.

How to protect yourself from filerepmalware?

You can take some precautions to prevent filerep malware. 

  1. Ignore pop-up ads, don’t click them. Most of them lead to malware-infected websites
  2. Better Stop using crack versions, anyone can easily infect their computer with crack applications.
  3. Scan file through Virustotal for malware, viruses before download and installation.
  4. Use 3rd party antivirus software, if you can’t afford them, use windows defender.
  5. Scan Pendrive and external media before use.
  6. Try to avoid torrent files.

Bonus: How to prevent yourself from Ransomware?

Filerepmalware is a backdoor for ransomware virus. You should take preventive steps before being affected by Ransomware. Follow the below guideline for ransomware prevention:

Step 1: Go to windows security settings

Step 2: Click on Virus & threat protection

Step 3: Scroll down and Click on Manage ransomware protection

Step 4: Turn on your controlled folder access and choose your desired folders to protect against Ransomware. You can select the whole drive if you want full protection.

Your job is done here. Now you will get a notification every time any unwanted apps try to modify your drive data. Allow only reliable applications for your protection.

Conclusion: filerepmalware on windows computer

Most of us use KMSPico and other similar tools for activating windows and paid software. You have to remember these tools contain adware that shows pop-up ads to users. These Pop-up ads lead to the trojan, Ransomware, etc., malware and virus. We recommend using a paid 3rd party antivirus to detect and remove filerepmalware. Don’t panic if you are already infected by filerep. Follow our guidelines and remove all potential threats from your computer system.

FAQ: Filerepmalware

Is KMSPico a Trojan?

Answer: KMSpico is an illegal tool developed by hackers for different motives. KMSpico can contain adware, trojan, ransomware, PUPs, etc., malicious programs. You can violate Microsoft windows operating system T&C by using KMSpico. Not all the time, KMSpico contains a trojan virus, but most of the time, it contains adware, which leads to the trojan virus. We recommend that you stop using KMSpico.

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