Steam overlay not working – Top 6 Solutions

Steam is one of the most popular online platforms and offers a wide range of resources and features, allowing gamers to streamline their gaming experience. Steam overlay is an essential feature that enables gamers to communicate with one another to make their gaming experience enjoyable.

However, many gamers say that their steam overlay does not work, especially on Windows 10, making it challenging for users to streamline their gaming experience. Although there are different solutions to fix steam overlay, not all of them are workable. For instance, a particular solution may work for some people but not for others.

Because a malfunctioned or crashed steam overlay can compromise your gaming experience, it is essential to find workable and practical solutions. That way, you can achieve optimal gaming performance. In today’s article, we will give you some troubleshooting tips or solutions to overcome the problem. Read on!

How To Fix Steam Overlay Not Working Issue

  1. Antivirus Firewall Exceptions
  2. Re-Enable the Steam Overlay
  3. Administrative Privileges for the Steam Client
  4. Update Your Steam Application
  5. Disable Other Applications
  6. Update Your Operating System

Solution 1: Antivirus Firewall Exceptions

  • Your antivirus firewall must not block the steam overlay feature. However, many users are not aware of it. A third-party firewall often blocks the steam overlay, preventing it from accessing the network. Although you can disable the firewall, it can lead to other problems. Therefore, the best solution is to create an exception for steam.
  • If you disable the firewall completely, your computer can receive online threats, leading to various problems, such as data stealing and cyberattacks. We recommend installing Bitdefender, a powerful antivirus application that can help you create an exception. 

Solution 2: Re-Enable the Steam Overlay

  • Another essential solution to fix the steam overlay not working is disabling and re-enabling it for your game. The process is pretty straightforward and requires you to open steam and go to the settings.
  • Select in-game from the left window check the box to enable steam overlay. Once done, you need to open the “Library” and right-click on your game to open properties. Bear in mind that you have to check the in-game box to enable the steam overlay.
  • Do not forget to save the changes and restart steam. That way, you can play the game without experiencing the problem of steam overlay not working. If this solution does not work, apply the following solutions.

Solution 3: Administrative Privileges for the Steam Client

  • Steam overlay not working can cause various problems for gamers and prevent them from enjoying the game. If you have disabled and re-enabled the steam overlay for your individual games, but it still does not work, you need to provide administrative privileges to the steam client.
  • In simple words, you have to run the application as an administrator. Locate the steam client shortcut on your desktop and right-click on it to open properties. Go to the compatibility tab and check the box to enable “running the program as an administrator.”
  • Make sure you confirm or save the changes. Although you can apply this solution on other operating systems, it works best on Windows 10. Likewise, run the game through the steam client for optimal performance.

Solution 4: Update Your Steam Application

  • An outdated steam version can cause the problem of steam overlay not working, preventing you from communicating with other users. That’s why it is crucial to update your steam application. Open steam and click on the main bar to select updates. The application will download and install updates.
  • Once the process has been completed, restart the application. Start the game and check whether the problem occurs again. Over 95% chances are that steam overlay not working won’t happen. However, if the problem still occurs, something is wrong with your operating system. In that case, you have to reinstall your operating system.

Solution 5: Disable Other Applications

  • Steam overlay not working is a complex problem for gamers. Research shows that this issue can also occur due to applications or programs running in the background. Therefore, one sophisticated solution is to disable other applications.
  • Some third-party programs such as Razer Synapse can lead to steam overlay not working. Razer Synapse runs when it acquires control of your system overlay. Therefore, you have to disable it along with other applications to fix this problem.
  • Type “MSConfig” in the Windows search bar and open the System Configuration. Check the box “Hide All Microsoft Services” in the Services tab. Click “Disable all” to close all background and third-party programs.
  • Next, click on the startup tab and open task manager to prevent other applications from starting automatically with your operating system. Confirm changes and restart your computer.
  • Because the steam application is an exception, it will still run in the background. That way, you can prevent the problem of steam overlay and streamline your gaming experience.

Solution 6: Update Your Operating System

  • An outdated version of your operating system is one of the leading causes of steam overlay not working. The problem most often occurs in Windows 10. Therefore, you have to update your operating system to ensure the steam application runs appropriately.
  • Make sure you don’t use insider versions of the operating system, especially Windows 10 and the steam application. Research shows that beta programs are unstable, leading to a wide range of performance issues.
  • Sometimes, updates may not align with your steam application, especially if you are using a beta version. In that case, go to the main settings and click on update and security. Once done, select recovery and roll back your operating system to the previous version.

Final Words

Gamers use the steam overlay to streamline their gaming experience, allowing them to communicate with friends, share resources, send messages, and find guides. The application will enable you to see your friends and users who are online. That way, you can invite them to play games with you.

However, many gamers experience the problem of steam overlay not working, leading to frustration and desperation. In today’s article, we have given six unique solutions that you can apply to fix the problem. Because each solution depends on your system’s hardware and operating system’s configuration, make sure you use them all to see which one works best for you.

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