How to fix skse64 not working error?

Maybe you are using skse64 or Skyrim Script Extender 64 for Skyrim Special Edition to apply Skyrim mods. It’s a useful tool, But sometimes when loading the game, you can receive a Bug notification via SkyUI “skse64 not working”. This error occurs more in newer versions of Skyrim SKSE64. The game can’t be loaded with executable mods until the user fixes the malfunction. You can have other notifications like SKSE64 update failed due to this error.

What causes skse64 launching error?

Various factors can play the role behind the Skyrim backlog, it varies according to the user. But we try to find some common causes for the skse64 error :

  1. Windows Firewall: Windows defender firewall block skse64 launch permissions, most of the time skse64 successfully launch after whitelisted on the firewall.
  2. 3rd party apps: We use many 3rd party antivirus for security reasons, but these apps cause clashes with other mods or cracked apps. If you have 3rd party antivirus software, then they may block the Skyrim Script Extender process by recognizing them as malware.
  3. Skyrim Update: Mod games made based on the old Skyrim version but when we update our current Skyrim game, old skse stopped working on the new Skyrim model.  
  4. Defective mod version: maybe you are trying to use faulty mods into the game. Try to download mods from trusted sources. Also, try to use the latest mod versions, developers release them after fixing bugs.

How to fix skse64 not working?

We surveyed Skyrim user forums for errors and possible fixes. Fortunately, our solution worked for every user. So, you can fix yours by following our step by step instructions : 

  1. Whitelist Skyrim on Windows firewall
  2. Allow Skyrim on 3rd party antivirus software
  3. Replace defective mods
  4. Update skse64 or rollback to the previous version

Before going through any of our solutions, first Restart your computer and try relaunching the game. It can fix complications caused by the device.

Fix 1: Whitelist Skyrim on Windows firewall

Step 1: search “Firewall & Network Protection” on your windows search bar > click on Firewall & Network Protection

Step 2: Click on Allow an application through the firewall from new window

Step 3: Click on Change Settings from the new window, here you can whitelist apps

Step 4: Allow Skyrim and related apps permission on private and public networks by selecting the boxes.

Step 5: make sure you allow Skyrim on the both public and private network

Step 6: Press OK to apply the change

Step 7: Now Run Skyrim to check if it launches as expected or not. If no change happened then try the next method

Fix 2: Allow Skyrim on 3rd party antivirus software or Windows Defender

All 3rd party antivirus settings have an option for whitelisting desired apps. But first, we will show you how to allow Skyrim on windows defenders cause almost all users to use this feature by default.

Allow Skyrim on Windows Defender :

Step 1: search Virus and threat protection on your windows search bar and click the first result

Step 2: Scroll down to Virus and threat protection Settings > Click click Manage Settings under Virus and threat protection Settings

Step 3: Scroll down to Add or Remove an Exclusion, you will find it under Exclusions

Step 4: Click on Add an Exclusion > Click on “Folder

Step 5: Now select the Skyrim folder here for whitelisting it.

Step 6: Launch Skyrim to check if SKSE64 is working or not. If the problem still exist move to next method

Allow Skyrim on 3rd party antivirus :

There are different kinds of antivirus available in the market, but their settings are literally the same. You can disable them for a few minutes and examine if your skse64 is not working problem solved by this.

Fix 3: Replace defective mods

You can find many versions of skse64 mods. Not all of them work perfectly, and these mods sometimes contain serious bugs which can prevent Skyrim from launching. So, it will be wise to check them by disable the mod or delete it. If you found the mod faulty then replace it with the latest version mod ( usually provided by the developer ) from a trusted source.

How to disable problematic mods on Skyrim?

Step 1: Go to Folder \Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Mods > delete all files from this folder

Step 2: Then go to Folder C:\Program Files (x86\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\

Step 3: Remove all files related to mods

Step 4: Do not delete these files ( Default skyrim data ) :

  • Shadercache (folder)
  • Video (folder)
  • Dawnguard.esm
  • Dragonborn.esm
  • Hearthfires.esm
  • Skyrim – Animations.bsa
  • Skyrim – Interface.bsa
  • Skyrim – Meshes0.bsa
  • Skyrim – Meshes1.bsa
  • Skyrim – Misc.bsa
  • Skyrim – Patch.bsa
  • Skyrim – Shaders.bsa
  • Skyrim – Sounds.bsa
  • Skyrim – Textures0.bsa
  • Skyrim – Textures1.bsa
  • Skyrim – Textures2.bsa
  • Skyrim – Textures3.bsa
  • Skyrim – Textures4.bsa
  • Skyrim – Textures5bsa
  • Skyrim – Textures6sa
  • Skyrim – Textures7bsa
  • Skyrim – Textures8bsa
  • Skyrim – Voices_en0.bsa
  • Skyrim.esm
  • Update.esm

How to disable mods from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition?

A large number of users use The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. You can easily disable mods from this version with another way :

Step 1: Run The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition > Select mods from the main menu

Step 2: Choose mods you want to delete or disable from library > Choose Delete or Disable

Step 3: Restart the game

Fix 4: Update skse64 or rollback to the previous version

Usually, When you get any Skyrim update, your mods also get updated according to version. But you know exceptions happen, occasionally mods didn’t get updates. So, it started showing errors like skse64 not working. Here you can try installing the latest version or rollback to the previous version.

How to roll back to the previous version of Skyrim mods?

Step 1: Go to the steam database –

Step 2: type Skyrim on the search box > press enter

Step 3: Note down APPID of  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from the list.

Step 4: Click on APPID number, it will open a new webpage

Step 5: Scroll down and click Depots

Step 6: Another page will appear with some ID. Here note down the ID number of Skyrim Special Edition exe

Step 7: Click on that ID number, again it will open a new webpage

Step 8: Now click on the Manifests from the bottom of the webpage

Step 9: Here note down the ManifestID from the immediately older version ( older than the latest version).

For example ( see below image ), the latest version is from June 8, 2016 and the immediate older version is from June 6, 2016. You should note down the ID from the June 6, 2016 version.

Step 10: Right Click on Skyrim icon > Click Properties

Step 11: Click on the Shortcut tab

Step 12: Click on the target box and write “-console” after previous texts, finish the text without space > Click apply > press OK 

Step 13: Now launch steam application > Click on Console

Step 14: Type “download-depot (App Id number) (Depot Id number) (manifest id number)” [ replace according to previously noted number ] > press enter 

Step 15: Folder location of old version mod will be shown in this window 

Step 16: Go to that folder after finishing download > locate executable download

Step 17: Copy the file and paste it into the game installation folder > a warning message will show up, choose Copy and Replace here.

Step 18: Now your mod version rollback to the previous version.

If you successfully try our solutions, then we hope your skse64 loading problem is solved by now. If you have any other solution, then comment below.

Final thoughts about SKSE64 not running problem

The main issues behind the error skse64 not working is application update and mod update conflict, windows firewall block. You can quickly fix them by following our step by step instructions. We recommend you to roll back to the older version if you can’t update the version of mods manually.


Does SKSE work with Skyrim special edition?

Answer: No, SKSE is for 32 bit, and Skyrim Special Edition is for 64 bit. So, SKSE won’t work with Skyrim special edition.

What SKSE 64?

Answer: SKSE means The Skyrim Script Extender, it’s a tool for playing mods on Skyrim special edition. With this tool, you can write scripts more efficiently, and more additional features will be enabled. It’s for 64 bit.

Is Skyrim special edition better than the original?

Answer: Yes, you can play more stable games with special edition. It also enhances graphics with increased game quality. The main feature of Skyrim special edition is you can play lots of mod games with this by using SKSE 64.

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